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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a widget to stream live from my Facebook or Youtube Live on any website?

The answer here is almost certainly yes. Our player works an every web/ecommerce/blogging platform anyone has ever asked us about. If you are not sure, please feel free to send us a note to ask. However, if you can add HTML to your site, you should be able to embed the video player.

Do I need access to our Facebook account to link it up to your video player?

The person setting up our widget with your church Facebook account needs to be an admin of your Facebook page, so we can link it up properly.

Can I create a widget to stream live from my Personal Facebook account?
Unfortunately no. We only support streaming from Facebook Pages.
Does your company post to Facebook, message followers, or collect my information?

No, we will never post to your account, contact your followers or collect your personal information. Please take a look at our Terms & Privacy Policy for more on this.

Can't I just use a Facebook or Youtube embed code to stream my live videos?

Well yes and no. They allows you to grab an embed code from any video that you have uploaded or recorded live. However, it does not have an embed code to automatically display “currently live” video on you website. This is what we do. When you go live on Facebook or Youtube, using our widget, we will automatically embed that live video so that you are also live on your website.

Is the live video widget mobile friendly?
Yes, your live video widget comes with a built in responsive mobile-friendly theme. You can also personalize your widget with a custom placeholder image.